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Beauty Within You

The Essence of Beauty Brand is designed to define your curls, grow your hair and strengthen your hair, slay your braids, and your locs.

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The Essence of Beauty Brand

The Essence of Beauty Brand is designed to define your curls, grow your hair and strengthen your hair, slay your braids, and your locs.

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Tonya Wilson

Salon Owner, Licensed Instructor, Master Stylist

Hair has always been a part of my life growing up, as I watched my family members do hair in the kitchen. When I found myself pregnant with my second child at the age of 18, I knew I had to make a change in my life and find a way to support my daughters. I decided to go to beauty school. After graduating, I worked at the JCPenney Stying Salon. While working there, I became one of their top stylists and a salon trainer. After seven years there, I opened my first salon. I later had to close the doors because my husband’s career relocated us out of state, but after moving back I decided to try it again. In 2017, I opened The Essence of Beauty. During the same month, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

With the help of God, and a great salon team, I kept my doors open throughout my treatments and surgeries. Being faced with a life threatening illness made me want to live. I was also able to achieve my education license and become a licensed instructor. God was posturing me to be able to share my gift to mentor and train other young women and encourage them to believe that they too can make a career doing what they love and grow their own business. I purchased my own building after 5 years which allowed me to expand my services.

I am now excited to be launching my product line of hair care products. GOD IS AMAZING

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Kiran Jones

Hi my name is Kiran Jones. I am a cosmetologist, and I specialize in hair and aesthetics. My journey began by doing my grandmother’s hair and helping her with maintaining it. My passion continued to grow as I began to do a set of foster sisters’ hair, which later became my adoptive sisters.

I recognized early the joy that I got from seeing others feel better about themselves after their “transformation”. I enjoy seeing the confidence that people leave the salon with! My brand name is “beautyby.kiran”, and I love to do hair color, extensions , waxing, and facials. As I continue to learn new skills, I am expanding my services and building my career everyday!

Kamani Easley

Hello, I’m Kamani Easley, and I am a cosmetologist. I realized my passion for hair while growing up, and made the decision to start my career early while I was still in high school. During my junior year, I started going to beauty school. Just a few later, COVID changed everything! I was considered high risk so my Mother ended up taking me and my little sister out of in-person schooling. During COVID, she tried her best to be real cautious because she had to continue working at an assistant living facility. Unfortunately, she ended up catching COVID from her job. On our last day of quarantine, I woke up to find her unresponsive. On January 16, 2021, my Mother had passed away at just 36 years old. 

I am pursuing my career in this industry because I know she would be so proud of me. Before her untimely passing, she lovingly served as my personal model as I practiced installing quick weaves with frontals on her. If she was here today, she would definitely be the model of my craft. In the salon, I now specialize in in braids, wigs, and extensions, I plan on branching out with coloring services, natural hair services, and hair cutting services. In memory of my Mother, ‘Angel Spa’ has been added to The Essence of Beauty, where I will be offering, facials and waxing…and she gets to watch over me as I continue to blossom and grow here.

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